100 Days of Something: 90

A few days ago I mentioned Kyle and Typedrummer. The BBC has also been busy at building nice things with the Web Audio API. The Wobbulator is a recreation of a device from the Radiophonic Workshop that includes a behind the scenes look at the code used to make it.

While Kyle’s web apps work as nicely on my iPhone/iPad as they do on my Mac, the Wobbulator unfortunately doesn’t work at all on those ‘mobile’ devices, which is a pity since it would be well suited to touch screen controls. And if JavaScript is turned off none of them work at all.

I’m wondering how these kinds of web apps could be approached following the principles of progressive enhancement.

100 Days of Something: 89

100 Days of Something: 88

John Siracusa in the episode of Reconcilable Differences mentioned yesterday: For all the imagined advancements, the big thing about the plot of a (futuristic) film like Star Wars is the absence of any kind of internet-like communication. Building on today’s open web, Manton Reece has opened up a little on his long time microblogging project. He talks about it with Daniel Jalkut on Core Intuition. They also cover some thoughts on the value and future of the open web. Ev Williams claiming the future is centralised and Matt thinking otherwise.

Of course Ev is going to paint a picture of centralised convenience when that is the principle that Medium is built on. And Medium engineers try to convince us on how complex the technology behind it is. If you’re building Medium that might certainly be the case, but for individual sites it can be quite straightforward. Hands off the blogs. How about helping empower people by bringing them closer to the technology they use on a daily basis?

100 Days of Something: 87

John Siracusa and Merlin Mann on a roll in episode 29 of Reconcilable Differences. Humans and the future: Putting a timeline (and endgame perspective) on current hopes for VR and biolgical advances.

Is the Internet Being Ruined? The latest episode of Freakonomics Radio. Ferguson, Facebook, and the open web.

And speaking of the open web, in my Twitter feed, the W3C browser DRM story continues. (Also Tim Berners Lee campaigns for European Net Neutrality and Kevin Marks takes notes from the Homebrew Website Club)

Open web, IndieWeb. Christian Heilmann voices reservations about the IndieWeb onboarding requirements in Marc Thiele’s Twumble podcast series. A nice (open air) interview with Eva-Lotta Lamm too. On drawing.

100 Days of Something: 86

Vagn Steen celebrates his 88th birthday today.

10 years ago we got together each day for a month and recorded a short poem based on a letter of the Danish alphabet. Those recordings were later taken apart and reassembled as the Lydfabet – a journey through the Danish alphabet in the form of a sound montage.

V som Vagn V som vej vej til Vildskab vej til Vipperød vej til Verden vej til Vandet vej til Virkeligheden

Happy Birthday Vagn.

100 Days of Something: 85

A sanguine perfume is a motorcycle of the mind.
The skirt is a dictionary.
An observation sees a purpose as a soapy stick.

Three sentences from Kyle Stetz’s Metaphorpsum metaphor generator. 1 Kyle has created a number of interesting tools for using audio directly within the browser., for example, or the more advanced Lissajous.js. Typedrummer is probably the one he is most know for, though.

You can listen to “a sanguine perfume” there.

  1. I’d have liked to have had some sentences generated live for this post, but ran into some AJAX issues that I didn’t manage to get figured out. 

100 Days of Something: 84

A few things fitting into place for me after reading the Politiken Spyo article yesterday. The birds seem to be something from the years since that 2010 interview. Before that it seems to have been mainly banners – with a strong element, that’s continued, of social commentary. 1


The lettering shaped by the width of the paint roller, the reach of the telescope handle, the number of letters and the amount of space available.

I’m not sure how the birds came into the picture. A Spy vs. Spy reference? Spyo, SPYONE. They’re often strikingly serene though.

The birds and banners have made quite a distinctive mark on Copenhagen, and even Aarhus: One of them was adopted as the motto for the 10th SPOR Festival in 2014.


  1. Here’s the one that started it all. 

100 Days of Something: 83

Ever since the FNUG・SPY photograph and my subsequent ASCII experiments, I’ve suddenly been noticing those bird heads all over town. They distinguish themselves from most sprayed graffiti not only by their painted style, but also their placement, which is often close to the top of the space they’re painted on, or at least quite high up. They’re quite literally raised above the rest.

The more I’ve been noticing them, the more I’ve begun to wonder about the artist. A little searching on the web turned up this Politiken article from 2010. At the time he’d been at it for six years, and that was six years ago, almost to the day.

100 Days of Something: 82

I attended a very beautiful concert in memory of Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen this afternoon. Theatre of Voices and the Kronos Quartet. Last grounds.

A few days ago I listened to Algorithms to Live By, one in a series of monthly seminars hosted by The Long Now Foundation. When searching for something, be it an apartment or a partner, when is the optimal time to stop searching and take a leap? 37% into the time one has available, is the precise answer provided by computer science.

After the concert this afternoon I got to thinking about Pelle’s unshaken curiosity right until the end. At a period in life in which one theoretically should have settled in one’s ways, relishing the friends and interests one has honed in on, he remained genuinely interested in what his colleagues, especially the younger generation, were up to.

100 Days of Something: 81