Rudiger Meyer


I’m Rudiger Meyer, a composer interested in the play between traditional concert music, sound-art, and new media.

I’ve composed a number of pieces for classical instrumentalists and ensembles, focussing mainly on chamber music and situations in which it has been possible to develop long term relationships with the performers. Electronics are often present as a means of extending or providing a counterpart to the classical instruments — an aspect which goes hand in hand with my interest in rethinking classical concert formats.

I’ve also been inspired by the means that smartphones and tablets provide for bringing sounds, texts & graphics together in an intimate & focused way. This site contains some of my experiments in this field.


I was born in South Africa, grew up there and studied at the University of the Witwatersrand before moving to Europe in my mid-twenties to study music first in Germany and later The Netherlands. I’ve been living and working in Copenhagen since 2004. You can also read a more extensive biography and outline of my interests or find a more traditional Bio/C.V. if you need something for a programme booklet.

About this Site

After many years of the joys and frustrations of coding static HTML by hand I switched to Kirby — a simple file-based CMS that has provided a well thought out toolkit while at the same time allowing me to keep in close contact with the nuts and bolts of it all. Texts have been prepared in iA Writer and coding is done in Panic’s CODA, another fine piece of software. After many years of using Erik Spiekermann’s Meta and Meta Serif I’ve changed1 to IBM’s open source Plex. Read their full story on the typeface here. 2

Analytics on this site are powered by Matomo, an open source, self-hosted web analytics package that respects your privacy. It will respect your browser’s do not track setting and I’ve set it not to set any cookies.


Some of the videos and music/sounds embedded on this site can also be found on SoundCloud and Vimeo. I have various links collected on Pinboard and also collect stuff in huffduffer podcast feed. You might also find it interesting to check out Frankenstein’s Lab, a show & tell/tryout session presented together with the Danish Composers’ Society, or Poetisk Podcast, a platform started together with the author Lene Henningsen.

  1. Since Typekit is no longer available as a standalone subscription now that it has been subsumed into Adobe Fonts, and I don’t wish to subscribe to their Creative Cloud simply for the fonts.  

  2. Footnotes with Bigfoot