OPTUR: a beautiful exhibition at A. Petersen (last day today!) with ball tracks and sculptures in wood that remind me of Ciat-Lonbarde and Willem Boshoff.


David Hockney shares some spring paintings and drawings:


Bonnard Revisited: some thoughts on sound in and alongside paintings. @seesounddk @lydrummet @glyptoteket


23/ Visualizing Sound – Representations of Sound in Contemporary Creation

Modular Diary – 081

Thinking about the wide variety of elements that go into making a person: Alessio Santini talking with Darwin Grosse (on the Art + Music + Technology podcast) about how the discovery of Max changed the arc of his musical life – how he for many years put away his guitar as he focussed on his activities as a software developer, only to pick the guitar again, but with a very different perspective. That also got me thinking back to Robert Henke’s observations on the tension between finding it necessary to invest in learning how to build (program) things, and getting round to actually making art with them.

101 Words – 056

@Fantasticdrfox recently praised German TV, but the BBC doesn’t do too badly either. Philip Glass talking about life in New York during the 70s or Brian Eno’s John Peel Lecture on culture, education, #basicincome, social coherence and the function of art, for example.

Following on the thoughts of Pauline Oliveros and Christian Wolff that I’ve touched on in previous notes, Eno takes a similar stance regarding the role of art in the years to come: Moving into an era of abundance and cooperation, rather the economy based ideas of scarcity and competition, art is what we’re all going to be doing.

101 Words – 047

An email from a good friend in my inbox this afternoon – informing me about Doom Spa V – Good Luck To Us All, a “three-hour performance with live music of cool white beauty”. There’s also a Tumbler with sketches for various versions of it. Worpswede (not far from where I studied when first arriving in Europe) and Paula Modersohn Becker (who painted Rilke) are in there too. Letters about being frightened of a coming age in which one can speak to everyone about everything.

Scrolling down (almost) to the bottom there’s a video of Felix playing the piano in white pants.