Modular Diary – 101

And so I’ve come to the end of the Modular Diary as a 100 Day Project. It’s the third 100 Day Project that I’ve completed, and the one I’ve enjoyed the most. It seems somewhat strange to stop while still feeling very much in the middle of it, and I’m considering continuing posts under the Modular Diary heading, but following time and inclination rather than as a daily discipline.

I’ve collected it all in chronological order should one want to read through the process from the beginning. Looking back at some of the first posts I’m struck by the distance travelled, and it might be worthwhile summing up some overarching thoughts in a blog post sometime soon. Audulus and all those contributing to the forum have certainly played a big part in all that I’ve learnt and I feel very fortunate to have had that available as a place to share and learn.

101 Words – 009

My favourite discovery looking through contributions to the TGD/Elle Luna 100-Day Project, has been Enrique BarriosFaces from El Paso. Drawn on matchbooks photographed against the background of the various tables on which they have been sketched, they also include short stories in which the (often tragic) semi-fictional destinies of the characters portrayed are told.

Barrios describes the time-out of making these daily drawings as his “little mental yoga”. That reminds me of Luis Mendo: “You find yourself more in the moment, closer to yourself, more relaxed and less anxious, much happier than before you started drawing”.

101 Words – 001

This is the first of a series of 101 posts each consisting of precisely 101 words. Inspired by Michael Beirut’s 100 Day Project and spin-offs such as Elle Luna’s collaboration with The Great Discontent, I’ve been toying with the idea of posting something on a daily basis for a while. Jeremy Keith’s 100 x 100 words got me interested in 100 words as a length for the texts. Taking about 30 seconds to read and 15 minutes to write, it’s a little easier to manage than a full 200 word Thomas Basbøll paragraph – perfect for an exercise such as this.