100 Days of Something: 87

John Siracusa and Merlin Mann on a roll in episode 29 of Reconcilable Differences. Humans and the future: Putting a timeline (and endgame perspective) on current hopes for VR and biolgical advances.

Is the Internet Being Ruined? The latest episode of Freakonomics Radio. Ferguson, Facebook, and the open web.

And speaking of the open web, in my Twitter feed, the W3C browser DRM story continues. (Also Tim Berners Lee campaigns for European Net Neutrality and Kevin Marks takes notes from the Homebrew Website Club)

Open web, IndieWeb. Christian Heilmann voices reservations about the IndieWeb onboarding requirements in Marc Thiele’s Twumble podcast series. A nice (open air) interview with Eva-Lotta Lamm too. On drawing.

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