Modular Diary – 065

A little further down the Serge paper-trail: Yesterday while looking for images of the early ‘paperface’ systems I came across the site which collects a wide range of documentation including an early 1976 manual which I found particularly interesting, partly because of the graphic symbols that help to clarify the various functions on the modules, and partly because of the wealth of information it offers on modular synthesis in general. As with the Buchla Easel manual that I mentioned a few posts back, both a fascinating insight into the early years of modular synthesis, as well as a fine, still relevant, way to learn about the basic principles today.

I’m not sure of what other sources that might be at play, but looking at the current Make Noise graphics I see a trace of the early Serge systems. Not only visually but also in the move towards treating elements in terms of function – an envelope used as an oscillator or viewed as a waveform, for example – rather than parameter.