100 Days of Something: 95

I’ve been taking a closer look at Mapbox. Although I was able to set up the Spyo BIRD locations fairly easily, taking a look at how to generate static maps, for example, has taken a little more time. Mapbox is a sophisticated platform with incredible possibilities – the downside is that there are many paths to get lost on, especially with the added complexity that comes with distinguishing between the new and classic versions of Mapbox Studio.

The main thing to clarify for myself has been the difference between the ‘Styles’ one can edit in the new web-based Mapbox Studio and the locations and image pop-ups that can be added using the online Mapbox Editor. While the data for those markers can be downloaded as a geoJSON file and then uploaded and added to the ‘Style’ one is working on in Mapbox Studio, that isn’t the place to add pop-ups with text, sound, and images, for example. The edited ‘Style’ forms a base map on top of which interactions such as markers and pop-ups can be added using the Mapbox GL JS or ‘classic’ Mapbox.js JavaScript libraries, when implemented on the web.