Our space for the concert this evening.
Shadanga Duo at Kvarterhuset, Jemtelandsgade 3, Amager, Copenhagen.

Shadanga Duo (@jasonalder with Sofia Kayaya) concert at Kvarterhuset, Jemtelandsgade 3, Amager, Copenhagen, this evening at 19:30.

Rehearsing A Banch in the Path with @jasonalder and Sofia Kayaya

The Path to A Branch in the Path

Texts sometimes appear as one navigates the nodes of A Branch in the Path. Some of them have their origins in dreams that I’ve written down over the years, others were generated on A poetic mix that blurs the lines between what is dreamt, real, and artificial.

The blur between bot and human generated tweets has turned into a particularly gnarly problem in recent years and Oliver Reichenstein has suggested some improvements that might help us distinguish between the different kinds of content streaming through our feeds.

He also wrote a little article explaining his dislike of computer generated poetry.

Two of the things that I had in mind when composing A Branch in the Path were Nicky Case’s XOXO Talk and his Neurons interactive explanation.

In A Branch in the Path, the audience and performers visit a website on their smartphones and navigate their way through a web of interrelated tones – changing from one series to another as one would change lines on a subway map.
You can try it out here:

Shadanga Duo (@jasonalder and Kata Szanyi) will be performing A Branch in the Path at Kvarterhuset, Jemtelandsgade 3, Amager, Copenhagen, next Thursday at 19:30.
Works by Filip Melo, Li-Ying Wu, and Louis Aguirre are also on the program.