100 Days of Something: 80

I’ve been taking a fresh look at my LilyPond setup after having been busy with other things for the last few months.

I decided to give Atom a try after remembering that I saw a LilyPond syntax highlighting package for the text editor on Github. A handy feature with Atom is that is has a built-in package manager which makes it possible to search for and install themes and packages right from within the settings tab of the editor. Typing Lilypond into the search bar not only brings up the AtLilyPond syntax package, but also lilycompile, which makes it possible to compile Lilypond files right from within Atom with a single command. 1

Installation couldn’t be easier, the only hitch I encountered setting it all up on my Mac was having to enter the full path for the ‘Binary’ option in the lilycompile settings: 2


Along with the Solarized Light Syntax theme, again easily installed via the built-in package manager, I now have something that comes pretty close to the setup I’ve been looking for. I’ll hopefully get round to writing up a more extensive blog post about it soon.

  1. AtLilyPond requires the language-lisp package and lilycompile the pdf-view package, both also easily available via the package manager.  

  2. Thanks to Aljoscha Meyer, the creator of lilycompile, for helping sort that out.