Modular Diary

Kim Bjørn brought an interesting small setup along to the Danskmodular meet-up last Saturday. It included the Mi.1e, a bluetooth MIDI to CV adapter that connects wirelessly to an iPad, enabling it to operate, via its own iOS app, as a sequencer, LFO, MIDI to CV interface and more.

There’s a little more on it in this review, which also mentions the similar Instruō Aithēr.

Some intriguing small setups at the Danskmodular meet-up this afternoon.

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Frankenstein’s long overdue Modular Lab Report is finally up with over 2 hours of audio from @xavierbonfill, Cristian Vogel @neverenginelabs, and @BjornSvin. Check out their presentations at:

Modular Diary

At the Danskmodular meet-up in Copenhagen last week Konstantine got into explaining how one might approach creating a chaos patch on an analogue modular system without using a random/chaos module.

He demonstrated how the logistic equation k*x*(1-x) might be reformulated as k*(x-x^2) so as to make it easier to patch. (Some source reading on the equation can be found here.)

I had a go at putting it together in Audulus, both using the expression node as well as simply using the multiplication and addition nodes.

It turns out to be a simple way of achieving something similar to the kind of chaos spectrum Rob Hordijk achieves with his Rungler. The logistic equation outputs a constant value when k is smaller than 3, followed by a period of doubling with a second bifurcation at 3.5, chaos shortly after 3.577, and 3-step period around 3.83.

It also reminded me of @biminiroad’s look at the difference between chaos and randomness in one of his Audulus live streams almost exactly two years ago.

I’ve put the patch up on the Audulus forum.

Konstantine explaining his analogue physical modelling setup at the Danskmodular meet-up this afternoon.

Here’s nearly two hours of Cristian Vogel @neverenginelabs sharing some of the music that has shaped his life and ideas on Jacob Bogh’s ‘A Life’s Soundtrack’

Søren from MISO giving us a preview of their new granular module at the Danskmodular meetup this afternoon.

Frankenstein’s Lab this evening with @BjornSvin, Cristian Vogel @neverenginelabs, and @XavierBonfill sharing a little on how working with #eurorack #modular has shaped their approach to creating and performing music:

Looking forward to @BjornSvin, Cristian Vogel @neverenginelabs, and @XavierBonfill share a little on how working with #eurorack #modular has shaped their approach to creating and performing music:

Concert yesterday afternoon with @danskmodular at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art: Rastko Lazic, Konstantine, Jens Paldam, and a773