100 Days of Something: 85

A sanguine perfume is a motorcycle of the mind.
The skirt is a dictionary.
An observation sees a purpose as a soapy stick.

Three sentences from Kyle Stetz’s Metaphorpsum metaphor generator. 1 Kyle has created a number of interesting tools for using audio directly within the browser. Scribble.audio, for example, or the more advanced Lissajous.js. Typedrummer is probably the one he is most know for, though.

You can listen to “a sanguine perfume” there.

  1. I’d have liked to have had some sentences generated live for this post, but ran into some AJAX issues that I didn’t manage to get figured out. 

100 Days of Something: 85 “A Sanguine Perfume” @kylestetz #The100DayProject rdgr.me/u/czo2p8

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