I had some fun adding maps and photographs to the latest episode of Moonpain Revisited – a little audio walk through the streets of Lisbon along with a few stories from Pessoa’s Lisbon recounted by Peter Poulsen (in Danish).

They’re displayed in podcast apps such as Castro (my personal favorite) and Overcast (also really good, and with a version for iPad) that support dynamic chapter artwork.

Apple’s Podcast App does support chapter artwork, but unfortunately only for images connected to chapter headings.

So for the best experience: Castro or Overcast.

Sounds from the parking lot of a certain pharmaceutical company I pass by every morning. This morning employees were having their tyres changed: Two guys with a truck, some tools, and a trailer.

In three movements:

Paved Paradise I
Paved Paradise II
Paved Paradise III

100 Days of Something: 99

100 Days of Something: 61

Fest i Hytten – A Party in the House

100 Days of Something: 52

A Walk in the Park

100 Days of Something: 51

The BBC Newcastle has had the wonderful idea of documenting ‘a year in the life’ of the city’s town moor, with Chris Watson making sound-recordings and visual documentation by two local photographers. It’s all collected on a web-page on which one can click in on the individual clips. The kind of thing that’s close to my heart.

I do however find myself wishing for a little less voice-over, fascinating as some of the voices are, and a little more space to enjoy the beautiful field-recordings. Interesting as the information is, the speech very quickly transforms the field-recordings into a backdrop for what’s being told. That frustration is heightened on the more compact daily #MinuteOnTheMoor tweets that accompany the project. Those shorter recordings are presented via audioBoom 1 alongside unrelated Kevin Keegan “Top Post” distractions.

  1. What is audioBoom? It’s a platform that “allows for the monetisation of audio via the dynamic insertion of pre and post roll advertising into content as a user is listening, allowing contemporary advertising selection, depending on content genre and geographic location of the user.” Ugh

100 Days of Something: 49

Night Trains

100 Days of Something: 48

100 Days of Something: 47

I haven’t made many field recordings in the last few years. I’m wondering if that fits in with a general trend – it seems like there was a lot more activity in the 00s. Perhaps it’s just a shift of interest on my own part. Chris Watson keeps on doing his thing, for example.

I have found myself listening to the environment a little more during the last months though, and thought it might be nice to include some audio in these notes. I got out my old Sony PCM-D50, recharged some batteries, and hoped to get a recording of the goods train that sometimes passes our apartment late at night. But no goods train, or satisfactory recording of something else. So words instead.