101 Words – 059

Social Media Stats Trilogy, Part III:

Twitter’s introduction of the activity icon in their apps has shifted looking at analytics from a specific activity with a dedicated area, to the location of the tweet itself. (I remember Nein having a comment on that little icon, but can no longer find the tweet. Negated?)

Dan Rubin in the latest Offscreen Magazine:

If your interface prioritises followers, likes, comments – the user-facing metrics – then that directly influences people’s behaviour, and they will value those numbers more highly.

There’s also Jen talking about the insanity of metrics with Gerry McGovern on The Web Ahead.

101 Words – 058

Following up on yesterday’s thoughts on (social media) stats and having them in your face while trying to communicate: There’s also Nein’s take on the matter.

John Siracusa commenting on, for all our technological advancement, the 1-bit resolution of a like. At the same time there’s a list of 21 possible meanings to a Twitter favourite. In light of the super high resolution of our ‘real life’ social interactions (facial expressions, body language, tone of voice) no wonder we’re looking for ways to fill the digital out a bit. Or just stepping out of that part of the game altogether.