It’s been a great pleasure to finally have physical copies of Lene Henningsen’s Atomar and Weiss-Manettis forudsigelse in my hands. The Weiss-Manetti Prediction, my translation of the novel, is now also available via Maggies Mill.

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24/ The ‘Future Book’ Is Here, but It’s Not What We Expected

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South Africa still has bookstores. I never seem to make much use of them in Copenhagen, but everytime I visit South Africa a trip to Exclusive Books tells a little about how the country is changing. It is there that I picked up Carapace 23 and Anjie Krog’s Begging to be Black. This time round it was Breyten Breytenbach’s Parool / Parole I chanced across. I heard him talk at WITS circa 1990. Now, starting with the first of this collection of speeches, given in the year in which I was born, I’m having to get used to reading Afrikaans once again.

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A tale of two books:

Craig Mod, in his inimitable style, writes of his return, after years around the Kindle, to the physical book. Valuable insights on the still closed land of ebooks, and a cautionary note on how precisely the advantages of digital volumes have been sadly neglected.

From another angle, Thomas Basbøll gets enthusiastic about leaving the frames offered by the physical structure of the book behind:

Writing stops being “between covers”. Every page takes up a position equidistant to the reality it is a part of. A book is a thing. A site, by contrast, is a place.