Poetisk Podcast #3: Moonpain Revisited

In 2008 Klaus Ib Jørgensen released his extensive Moonpain project, a ‘web-universe’ created around his Moon-pain cycle for voice and ensemble, based on Fernando Pessoa’s poetry.

Peter Poulsen contributed an extensive essay covering Pessoa’s life, heteronyms, and works, and Lene Henningsen, Morten Søndergaard, and Peter Poulsen each wrote a set of new poems, extended with sound and music, around the Moon-pain theme.

Lisbon field recordings were assembled into a cycle covering the course of a day with Peter Poulsen recounting stories about Pessoa and his relation to various locations as we wandered through the center of the city.

The ‘web-universe’ that collected all of the above was programmed in Flash, as was current at the time, and indeed the only means of achieving the interactivity the was at the core of the project’s ambition.

With Flash nearing its ‘End Of Life’ in 2020, and with that the looming closure of the site, concerns about how all the wonderful material that had been collected there might be made accessible for the years to come, led to it being recast in podcast form and presented on

Read more on the process here:

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I had some fun adding maps and photographs to the latest episode of Moonpain Revisited – a little audio walk through the streets of Lisbon along with a few stories from Pessoa’s Lisbon recounted by Peter Poulsen (in Danish).

They’re displayed in podcast apps such as Castro (my personal favorite) and Overcast (also really good, and with a version for iPad) that support dynamic chapter artwork.

Apple’s Podcast App does support chapter artwork, but unfortunately only for images connected to chapter headings.

So for the best experience: Castro or Overcast.