Future Books: From Flash to Podcast.
I collected some thoughts on the process of recasting @KlausIbJ’s Moonpain site in podcast form:

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I had some fun adding maps and photographs to the latest episode of Moonpain Revisited – a little audio walk through the streets of Lisbon along with a few stories from Pessoa’s Lisbon recounted by Peter Poulsen (in Danish).

They’re displayed in podcast apps such as Castro (my personal favorite) and Overcast (also really good, and with a version for iPad) that support dynamic chapter artwork.

Apple’s Podcast App does support chapter artwork, but unfortunately only for images connected to chapter headings.

So for the best experience: Castro or Overcast.

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I’m so happy that it’s been possible to make the wonderful material from @KlausIbJ ørgensen’s site available in podcast form. Ep.1 includes Peter Poulsen’s essay on Pessoa’s Fictions, which I’ve found myself listening to repeatedly:

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20 years ago, on a sunny winter Sunday morning, I began a walk with Bongi Dhlomo-Mautloa through Alexandra township. Sounds and stories recorded over the course of 24 hours were assembled into a 60 min soundscape – now also available in podcast form:

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New blog post in which I’ve collected a few thoughts on the process of creating Altså netop nu – the @poetiskpodcast I did with Lars-Emil Woetmann:
See also:

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Punk poetry and finding a way of being in the world: Here’s a little epilogue to Altså netop nu, the podcast Lars-Emil @Woetmann and I have been sending out during the past eight weeks.å-netop-nu/id1511112862

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Poets on pedestals, generative processes, and the beauty of contained forms in the age of social media: Altså netop nu, episode 8 – with Lars-Emil @Woetmann:å-netop-nu/id1511112862


Inger Christensen looking over the rough mix for this week’s @poetiskpodcast:å-netop-nu/id1511112862

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I’ve always had a soft spot for the concrete (sound) poetry of the 60s, and in this week’s episode Lars-Emil @Woetmann and I wonder about the space for play and experimentation when the world is burning around you:

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Old recordings, sound poetry, crises, turning points…
Altså netop nu, episode 6:å-netop-nu/id1511112862