Modular Diary – 029

I’ve touched on my interest in alternate tunings in some previous posts. While taking a look at Keith Robert Murray’s site after coming across his explanation of linear FM, I discovered that he has a Eurorack arpeggiator module that also enables custom tunings. Equal divisions of the octave from 2–60 can be defined, and it is also possible to specify a custom tuning for each semitone.1 He explains it all in this video as well as demonstrating the fun one can have when combining alternate tunings with an arpeggiator.

Now all that would be missing for my taste would be the ability to define tunings according to ratio, and perhaps being able to combine the custom settings for individual notes with the ratios (or divisions other than EDO-12) as a starting point. Nevertheless some inspiration for creating something along similar lines in Audulus.

  1. Originally intended for making adjustments for non-standard or uncalibrated oscillators.