Modular Diary – 067

Jjthrash on the Audulus forum:

Since I’ve been able to generate Audulus patches with code, I figured I would wire up some mux nodes and phase through them very fast to make a wavetable of sorts.

Audulus is a visual programming environment, but since the format is basically a human readable plain text file,1 it is in principle possible to program Audulus patches without using the Audulus app. Which is exactly what jjthrash has done – both with his version of Conway’s Game of Life and the wavetable tryout mentioned above.

Audulus’ beautiful visual programming UI is perfectly suited to creating modular synthesis type patches, but there are situations in which certain tasks which can be achieved far more easily with conventional programming. It seems as if the two can exist alongside one another to some degree.

  1. The human readable format has recently been condensed. Opening up older patches in a text editor reveals a friendly layout with space and indentations, all of which have been removed in the newer version – with the advantage of much smaller file sizes. Patches tend to be small enough on their own, but when downloading entire patch collections the kilobytes start to add up.