Modular Diary – 069

Thinking about different types of sequencers and how they affect the music one makes with them: The difference between the slow precision of the Orthogonal devices ER-101 that I was looking at a few days ago and the playfulness of the Klee, for example.

I got to looking up a little about the Klee Sequencer after Rob Hordijk mentioned it in the wonderful modular tutorial that he gave in Leeds recently. That video covers much of the same ground dealt with in the Basic Electricity presentation given in Berlin in 2015, shedding light on many of the same topics from slightly different angles.

The interesting thing is that Hordijk actually favours simple sequences, preferring to work a little magic through various kinds of modulation, particularly the use of envelopes. Compare for example the section beginning around 13 minutes in the Leeds video, to the section beginning around 7 minutes in part 2 of the Berlin video.

Modular Diary – 066

Sitting in a room, somewhere in the world, making something.

After looking through some of the snapshots documenting the early days of building Serge systems, I for some reason got to thinking of the Orthogonal Devices website that I bookmarked a few months ago. Perhaps it’s the picture of the tree on the about page that helped establish it in my mind as a place where someone is quietly going about making something with a very particular character and focus.

Mantra: To create tools (as in pencils and violins) for self-expression.

Looking at the videos on the page for the ER-101: Indexed Quad Sequencer is an exercise in what at first seems like excruciating patience. But while taking a look at How far can I get in 10 minutes? I found that my attention remained very much on what I was hearing as I watched the programming actions on the screen and gradually got accustomed to the world of hardware and sound as it unfolded.