100 Days of Something: 65

A little over a month ago I wrote about my search for a way to compress images on my iPad. The web interface gives excellent results, but with the catch that images need to be below 1MB to start with if one doesn’t have a Pro account.

I decided to give Pythonista, another of Federico Viticci’s favourites, a go. Version three of the app has just been released and it’s a wonderful way to dive into the world of Python scripting. A beautiful code editor with built in documentation and an integrated debugger that turns out to be invaluable for a first timer like myself.

With some of the included example scripts as a starting point, the documentation, and a look at some of the solutions Frederico and Macdrifter have come up with, I already have an (admittedly basic) working solution for both resizing and compression that works both from within Pythonista and as an extension via the iOS share sheet.