Modular Diary – 079

I did a little tryout of the mobile phone part of A Branch in the Path at Frankenstein’s Lab this evening. It’s a piece that I began shortly after discovering Audulus in December of 2015. Some of the very first patches I began building with it were based on the realisation that it was possible (and easy) to create feedback loops, and that, along with my interest in non-tempered tunings, led to the piece that became A Branch in the Path: Five interlocking overtone series set up so that the durations match the proportions of the series with (stepwise) movements up or down randomly chosen. Since the end of a duration triggers the next tone, with duration and pitch linked, one ends up with something similar to a Krell patch – only I didn’t know it at the time.

It’s not a performance patch, nor a kind of instrument. Audulus was primarily a tool used to explore the idea of moving around an overtone network, and use that material for both the instrumental parts (alto flute and bass clarinet) and the sound files that the audience set in motion while navigating the Branch in the Path website.

Modular Diary – 008

Time for some music. Looking though some soundfiles on my iPad I came across this tryout recorded shortly after getting the Ripplemaker. It’s a simple Krell patch – the workings of which are nicely explained in one of the Make Noise O-Coast patch of the week videos.1 I don’t remember exactly how it was set up, but I think it’s probably close to the patch in the screenshot – recorded in AUM with the AUFX:Space Big Plate reverb.

Ripplemaker Krell

  1. There are also some nice links in the notes worth exploring.