Modular Diary – 047

While taking a look at the Spektro Audio site, the makers of C.V. Toolkit, I noticed that they are also the creators of the PatchBook markup language for modular synth patches. Cristian Vogel, for example, used it to share his patch for Modular Day Barcelona on Twitter a few weeks ago.

PatchBook is a (human readable) plain text format that applications can parse to build a graphic representation of a modular patch. In that way it’s a little like the text editor (iA Writer) that I’m using to write this post. As I’ve explained in some previous posts, it’s an approach I’m enthusiastic about.

It occurred to me that the relation of Audulus to something like Max or PD might also be thought of as somewhat analogous to the relation of a writing application such as iA Writer and something like Pages or Word. One can do a lot more in the latter, and they certainly have their use and place, but I definitely get more done within the focussed restraints of the former.