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5/ Blogging Less in the 2020s

1/ The Split Personality Of Brutalist Web Development

This is a pleasant surprise (and a reminder of how wonderful the web can be): Unexpected stories about creativity, beautifully presented without all kinds of stuff getting in the way.

101 Words – 053

What Happens Next… Maciej Cegłowski’s talk on advertising on the web and the web of privacy-invasive tracking it’s become synonymous with. A clear take on a fraught situation. He offers constructive solutions too.

Using Ghostery it’s amazing to see just how much tracking is going on. For quite some time I’ve wished that I wasn’t adding to that pile on my own site each time I embed something. Fortunately there are tools, now also on iOS, for users to handle the blocking themselves. At the same time it leaves a strange taste. Blockers are doing their own tracking too.

101 Words – 037

Thomas Basbøll in a series of tweets on twitter shaming:

Privacy is not secrecy. It is the ability to hear yourself say something to someone and see how you, and they, feel about it.

That could also apply to the way we create texts, or other things.

From the Porch to the Street – Frank Chimero on the varying degrees of privacy in social media.

Brewster Kahle:

People, corporations, countries can spy on what you are reading. And they do… We, in the library world, know the value of reader privacy.

And a cartoon about drones that could be about the internet.

101 Words – 036

The audio files of the Cage and Feldman ‘Radio Happenings’ I’ve referred to recently are hosted on That’s the Internet Archive, which is both a kind of backup of the internet and a digital library with the aim of providing “universal access to knowledge” (free of commercial interests). The Magazine has a short introductory article about their work and archivist Jason Scott had a long chat with Jen Simmons on The Web Ahead.

Brewster Kahle, its founder, gave a concise talk earlier this year outlining the values of an open distributed web, sounding an impassioned call to ensure its future.