Altså netop nu

Altså netop nu, is a ‘poetic podcast’ (in Danish) created together with Lars-Emil Woetmann – a little hybrid tot: part conversation, part poetry reading, part modulation and tonal interpretation; arranged for the disturbance of your ear on an otherwise peaceful day. ⇒

Hi, I’m Rudiger Meyer, a composer interested in the play between music, sound, and media. This site, my home on the web, is part documentation, part experimental playground. It is also a place for writing – from notes & tweets to more extensive articles.

Since 2019 I’ve also been involved in creating and helping establish a platform for poetic podcasts (mostly in Danish). I’ve written about the process of creating some of those productions here.


It’s been a great pleasure to finally have physical copies of Lene Henningsen’s Atomar and Weiss-Manettis forudsigelse in my hands. The Weiss-Manetti Prediction, my translation of the novel, is now also available via Maggies Mill.

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