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100 Days of Something: 87

John Siracusa and Merlin Mann on a roll in episode 29 of Reconcilable Differences. Humans and the future: Putting a timeline (and endgame perspective) on current hopes for VR and biolgical advances.

Is the Internet Being Ruined? The latest episode of Freakonomics Radio. Ferguson, Facebook, and the open web.

And speaking of the open web, in my Twitter feed, the W3C browser DRM story continues. (Also Tim Berners Lee campaigns for European Net Neutrality and Kevin Marks takes notes from the Homebrew Website Club)

Open web, IndieWeb. Christian Heilmann voices reservations about the IndieWeb onboarding requirements in Marc Thiele’s Twumble podcast series. A nice (open air) interview with Eva-Lotta Lamm too. On drawing.

100 Days of Something: 19


IndieWebCamp is a gathering of web creators building & sharing open web technologies to advance the state of the indie web. We get together for a weekend to discuss how we can empower people to own their identities and data, then spend a day hacking & creating.

There’s an IndieWebCamp in Düsseldorf this weekend. I didn’t get to go last year and I’d love to have been there this year, but circumstances have dictated otherwise. Kevin Marks has fortunately posted a collection of live notes from this morning’s demos on his site.

Your content is yours, you are better connected, and you are in control.

What appeals to me about the IndieWeb approach is that it doesn’t aim to create an alternate Facebook or Twitter, but rather builds on the principle of each person having their own website. IndieWeb technologies such as webmentions make it possible to communicate with other websites as well as the social media platforms. The webcamps are about developing those technologies and helping people implement them.

101 Words – 092

Craig Mod recently questioned the need for short URLs in an age in which all URLs are equal – at least for Twitter. Justin Reese’s reply, taking longevity in account, confirmed my own thinking on the matter:

Best justification these days: short URLs are harder to mangle, protect against crummy wrapping and poor URL pattern matching.

Inspired by indieweb POSSE principles, I purchased a ‘short’ domain last year and have happily been generating my own short URLs until changes in’s backend meant that they suddenly ceased to work. Struggling to get a fix in place I’ve now returned to Twitter’s truncations.