Modular Diary

A few weeks ago RileyGuy posted his Audulus version of the Euclidean Circles Eurorack module, and ever since then I’ve been thinking that it would be nice to include a visualisation of the Euclidean distribution of beats within a cycle.

I started with an adaptation of the Euclidean sequencer in the Audulus library to include a visual display, and after experimenting with different (circular) layouts settled on two horizontal rows of 8 in a µModule version. The horizontal rows seem to read most easily, especially when selecting shorter cycle lengths.

RileyGuy has since expanded his uClidean Sarlaccs module into a deluxe version that includes on and off-beat (gateable) outputs. I simply added a set of Euclidean distribution indicator lights to the circle of gate inputs and included an extra ‘hits’ knob in the center. The length is calculated from the start and end steps, and the offset determined by the start position. A (green) output in the very center provides the Euclidean output, with the idea that the other gate outputs can be selected manually using the lights as a guide.