Building, Exploring, Composing. Thoughts on the relation between building instruments and making music with them:


Listened to episode 178 of @DarwinGrosse’s Art + Music + Technology podcast with @neverenginelabs Cristian Vogel.

And that led me to discovering Cristian’s wonderful ‘mist Tape.


Jan Stricker and Rasmus Cleve Christensen’s fine Lyt Dybt podcast has a great episode covering the history of STEIM.

The podcast is generally in Danish, but a good deal of this episode is in English, thanks to guest Andi Otto.


Riveting performances of Feldman and Ergün by the @jackquartet at Klang Festival last night:

Morton Feldman’s Structures played with beautiful sounds and incredible precision. Restful in what it is, with hints of what was to come in the late string quartets, yet sounding surprisingly up-to-date for a piece that was composed in 1951.

Cenk Ergün’s Sonare is the kind of piece where one can’t quite figure out how it’s done, even though the material seems clear enough on the surface. How is it that an unamplified string quartet can produce so much sound?

Here’s an interview on how it came about.


Charcuterie (around the corner)

After Latin victuālia ‘foodstuffs’ neuter pl. of victuālis ‘belonging to that which sustains life’ from victus ‘that which sustains life’, perf.ptc. of vīvere ‘to live’


Looking forward to Frankenstein’s Lab this evening with visiting Dutch guests Dianne Verdonk and Marije Baalman


Building an Instrument Is Composing: Dutch and Danish DIY in Frankenstein’s Lab on Thursday


I noticed this thread in the Audulus forum – a kind of communal diary documenting a shot at recreating the MakeNoise O-Coast modular synth.

That got me curious about the synth itself.

Here’s a fine introduction to it.

And here’s the manual.


Since following @Berlin_Type I’ve begun to notice that Copenhagen has some gems of its own. #CPHType

Minority Reports: Psychology, Propaganda and Technology

Yesterday in The Guardian: The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked.

@Reichenstein pointed to this article (in German) back in December: Ich habe nur gezeigt, dass es die Bombe gibt.

And Adactio yesterday: A minority report on artificial intelligence.