100 Days of Something: 81

100 Days of Something: 72

The Daily FNUG

100 Days of Something: 70

Looking again at another of the FNUG bird heads, I realize that the ragged style is intended, and not just a result of the bricked surfaces they’re painted on. This one is in any case painted on a smooth surface.

100 Days of Something: 69

While taking the FNUG・SPY photographs that I posted a few days ago, an ASCII art rendering popped into my head. This particular artist apparently works with a brush and paint since the shape of the bricks on which the graffiti is painted comes through far more clearly than with the more common spray can style. It lends a particular character to the way the bird’s head looks, and I suppose the regular grid of the bricks prompted the ASCII association. I enjoyed the texture of yesterday’s Image2ASCII conversion but wanted to pursue the brick aspect a little more closely. A dim recollection of an app mentioned on Der Übercast a while back led me to Monodraw, which turns out to be a fantastic tool for creating plaintext ASCII art on the Mac. There’s no built-in conversion of images, but it is possible to overlay images and trace them by hand – which is what I’ve done here. A grid of 40 lines to match the height of circa 40 bricks that the graffiti covers.

“WE’RE THOSE KIDS” is the full text that covers a wall along the perimeter of a park I walk though nearly every day.

100 Days of Something: 68

ASCII image created using Luke Deen Taylor’s Image2ASCII in Pythonista.

100 Days of Something: 66

And on this midsummer day with dramatic cloudbursts and Britain voting on whether to stay in the EU or not – some photographs I took this morning.