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South Africa still has bookstores. I never seem to make much use of them in Copenhagen, but everytime I visit South Africa a trip to Exclusive Books tells a little about how the country is changing. It is there that I picked up Carapace 23 and Anjie Krog’s Begging to be Black. This time round it was Breyten Breytenbach’s Parool / Parole I chanced across. I heard him talk at WITS circa 1990. Now, starting with the first of this collection of speeches, given in the year in which I was born, I’m having to get used to reading Afrikaans once again.

Hi, I’m <a rel="me" class="p-name u-url" href="https://rudigermeyer.com">Rudiger Meyer</a>, a composer interested in the play between music, sound, and&nbsp;media.

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