Carapace 23.7

In a choral piece of mine based on a collection of texts (Carapace#23) by (mostly) South African poets the image of a number of people crossing at a traffic intersection provided an important point of departure.

The individuals, like the poets, having interests as different as their backgrounds, each existing in their own world (shell/carapace), sometimes interacting while passing or bumping into one another, sometimes just finding themselves in the same place as an other (like it or not).

In the flute piece a ‘rural’ layer (a repeated 4 note pattern in an equal-distance tuning) has been superimposed over the urban map of the choral piece – a little like foliage reappearing in abandoned parts of a city. The flautist too brings some extras to the party as she travels through this mixed landscape.

The above recording is of the première performance by Anne la Berge, April 2000 at the Beethoven Room, Grahamstown, South Africa.


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