Poetisk Podcast #12: Kære mor (Dear Mom)

Dear Mom, 2050

I’m recording this for you again in the hope that
you will wake up one day
then I’ll tell you everything
you can move in
here with us
I cleaned up for you
the house is as it was when they fetched you

Every day I think about calling you
I forget that you aren’t here
a little further down the road
lives a man whose wife
has also been fetched

Kære mor is a letter, to Mom, recorded in 2050.
The letter gradually records the contours of how the world looks and feels.

Text (Danish): Nanna Storr-Hansen.
Voice, interpretation & sound effects: Birgitte Lundtoft & Mia Edelgart.

Kære mor was the fourth in the series Poetic Podcast Sends 2050, where the invited poets were given five titles as points of inspiration. Kære mor relates to the title ‘A Solar Wind in One’s Hair’.


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