Modular Diary – 054

After yesterday’s look at the striking Ciat-Lonbarde instruments, I got to thinking of Rob Hordijk’s Benjolin and Blippoo boxes, and specifically a comment of his about their potential status as objets d’art:

…a little device called the Blippoo box, and that type of instrument I always call a ‘patch in a box’ because it is sort of like a concoction of certain electronics that have a certain specific character of its own, …it should be playable of course, it can also be seen as maybe an objet d’art, what the French call an objet d’art, an ‘object of art’, instead of an instrument, but that is basically free for the people that have one to interpret whether you want to use it as an actual musical instrument on stage, or if you just want to have it in your room as something special next to your paintings and your other stuff…
—Rob Hordijk at Basic Electricity #15, Berlin