100 Days of Something: 31

These “100 Day” notes are all written on my iPad, and posted to my site directly from it. I have a little Drafts action that uploads the posts via Workflow and Transmit. I’ll write about it at some point.

In the cases in which an image is included I’ve been trying to figure out how to solve the problem of reducing the files to an acceptable size. VSCO has some size options when exporting, and there’s an action in Workflow for resizing images. There’s also the possibility of precision resizing in Pixelmator. Unfortunately none of the above include the possibility of reducing the file size via compression.

My strategy has long been (the somewhat lazy) one of combining large image sizes with hefty compression settings – at least 40% when exporting jpegs, for example. That’s saved me the complexity of serving differently optimized images for the large variety of screen sizes and densities that this site might be viewed on, while still maintaining a reasonable image quality. Perhaps the best solution for my simple use cases, it turns out: Fabian Michael, in an article about shifting to the Kirby CMS – which this site is also built on, includes links to a fine set of detailed articles covering what’s involved.

So how to compress images directly from my iPad? Photos taken with Obscura are quite heavy, for example – quickly running into several megabytes. A look at Frederico Vittici’s adventures in this field led me to Kraken.io – a web based tool that achieves impressive results. A Pro account makes it possible to script workflows, as Frederico has done, but seems like a little overkill in my case. The feature rich web editor remains a workable solution though – the only catch being that the files are below 1MB to start with.

100 Days of Something: 31 “Optimization” #The100DayProject https://rudigermeyer.com/notes/2016-05-19-23-12-52

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