Modular Diary – 021

I‘ve been taking a look at putting together a quantizer for custom tunings in Audulus – there’s been a little activity on that front in the forum. I have in mind something that builds on the small ratio modules that I was using to tune a sequencer in a previous post. Something very flexible that can be changed on the fly with the possibility of additional ‘hand-tuned’ deviations from the basic ratios. A kind of hybrid between systematic and empirical tuning.

Since it’s taking me a little time to figure it all out here’s a little experiment with changing the tuning on the ARP ODYSSEi from Equal to Analog while running a simple sequence. The deviations are subtle but nevertheless quite noticeable (often a little flat in relation to equal temperament) – at some point it could be interesting to measure them precisely and put together a little list that could be used in other contexts.1

Here’s the unadorned sequence – two cycles in equal temperament followed by two with the analogue tuning:

ARP Equal Analogue

And a longer jam trying out the analogue tuning at different transpositions as well as playing with the length of the sequence.

ARP ODYSSEi Analogue Sequence

  1. See, again the Richard D. James interview with Tatsuja Takahashi. 

Modular Diary – 021: I‘ve been taking a look at putting together a quantizer for custom tunings in @Audulus…

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