101 Words – 002

One of the things I’m curious about with this exercise is not so much whether I have it in me to string together 101 words each day (I’ve been doing exactly that for the past few months with entries to my personal journal), but rather what it’s like to write something that I know is going to be made public on a daily basis. I’m interested in seeing how the immediacy of sharing a thought or two each day will differ from carrying (and pursuing) those thoughts over a period of time and watching them coalesce into an essay or article.

101 Words – 001

This is the first of a series of 101 posts each consisting of precisely 101 words. Inspired by Michael Beirut’s 100 Day Project and spin-offs such as Elle Luna’s collaboration with The Great Discontent, I’ve been toying with the idea of posting something on a daily basis for a while. Jeremy Keith’s 100 x 100 words got me interested in 100 words as a length for the texts. Taking about 30 seconds to read and 15 minutes to write, it’s a little easier to manage than a full 200 word Thomas Basbøll paragraph – perfect for an exercise such as this.