You beast in my breast
from Atomar, e3

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I shield you
from Atomar, e2.

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Drowned in sun and freedom
from Atomar, e2. With captions.

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Atomar. E2: Forstadsdroner vender hjem

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A sunflower reaching up against a clear blue sky.
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Atomar, E1: Et vindue åbent

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Atomar Podcast Artwork

I’m pleased to announce the first episode of Atomar, a (Danish) podcast in 8 episodes based around a collection of 40 poems by Lene Henningsen.
Inspired voice readings by Marina Bouras and Jens Albinus. Piano music and field recordings by yours truly.

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iPad on a stand on a chest of drawers in a holiday apartment. Keyboard. Bright blocks of colour on the little table cloth underneath it all. A little collection of stones to the right. Coffee mug to the left. A book propped up behind the iPad.

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Sea scene from the dunes behind Balka beach, Bornholm. A little curving path in between the dune grass in the foreground. Life saver tent peaking out from behind the dune. A little sliver of beach visible. Clear blue sky, dotted with little white clouds.
Gravel road. Tree mid-distance, to the right. Smaller tree a little further on to the left. Trees on the horizon. Caspar David Friedrich colours in the late evening sky.