Modular Diary – 077

Here’s the current state of my Audulus Blippoo – now all collected in a box. I’m not sure if I’m quite happy with it yet. There were many things that I enjoyed in previous versions that I miss a little here. Having access to more of the TwinPeak filter for example. I’ve kept to the classic 12 knob setup for a start – perhaps I can play around with some alternatives later. The rungler core is now also in its perhaps most simple form – a simple kind of delay with no density or looping settings as in the Benjolin or Modular System Rungler Module. One of the tricky things is keep it from getting stuck for long periods of time. This happens for example when VCO A is running at a much slower rate than VCO B – and it’s in those situations that the S&H to Rate A is a handy dial to have.

I’m also not sure about all the internal sub-patches. They’ve been a very useful way of building it up, and even now when I’m still unsure about a lot of things and still thinking about possible changes, it’s handy to have it set up that way. But perhaps once it’s all figured out it could be worthwhile going back and rebuilding the patch with fewer sub-modules and a little less spaghetti.

Modular Diary – 077: Here’s the current state of my @Audulus Blippoo – now all collected in a box…

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Rudiger Meyer is a composer interested in the play between traditional concert music and new media.

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