Modular Diary – 076

Following up on yesterday’s z-1 UnitDelay considerations: STS discovered that his shift register design was unstable at audio frequencies and found a fix for it by including a z-1 node between each of its flip flops. He also mentioned some details of a fix in Hordijk’s Benjolin cicuit that helps avoid some of the more static sequences that the original Rungler could generate in certain cicumstances. Quite a learning experience this all has been!

Rob Hordijk in his Rungler Demo at Modular Meets Leeds:

If you design stuff, very quickly it becomes complex, then you have to simplify again, before you come with the final thing… if you make it too complex it becomes a pain in the ass to use…

Piecing a version of the Blippoo together step by step has made clear to me how many choices there are along the way, especially when choosing which controls to surface so that one has a playable instrument at the end of the day. It’s interesting to consider the Benjolin as a follow up on the Blippoo in that light too.

Modular Diary – 076: Following up on yesterday's z-1 UnitDelay considerations: STS discovered that his shift regis…

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