Modular Diary – 064

The unlabelled look of the ever growing Audulus µModular collection got me thinking of the early Serge modular synthesizers.

Originally, the module configuration for Serge systems could be selected by the user. …These were originally arranged by applying paper graphics to the metal panel… Early systems could have custom graphics—or no graphics—depending upon the whims of the artist.

Serge adopted a series of geometric designs denoting signal types, input, outputs, and triggers. Colored 4 mm sockets were used for most connections - blue, black, and red jacks for (unipolar) control voltages, bipolar signals (NOT necessarily AC coupled) and pulse/gate signals respectively, although these were not rigidly enforced. Later, other colors were introduced, e.g. yellow for triggers.

Ben Edwards (aka Benge) used one of these early ‘paper’ systems for his Works On Paper, the second track of which is a favourite among the modular pieces that I’ve come across during the last few months. Here are are some images of his system. And here some images of someone getting creative with theirs.

Modular Diary – 064: The unlabelled look of the ever growing @Audulus µModular collection got me thinking of the…

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