Modular Diary – 063

I finally got round to a first take on creating a micro version of my Audulus Scale Bender. The main idea was to have the set of ratio inputs readily available under the hood – that one could open up the module and quickly change the configuration should one want to.

Choosing what to include on the front panel and how to set it up in a way that’s both compact and clear turns out to be quite a challenge though and I’m not sure if I’ve found the most elegant solution, but at least it’s a start.

The general absence of text in the µModule UIs paradoxically means that there’s a need for some explanatory text along with (or inside) them. A clear set of general conventions for the collection helps balance that out though.

Modular Diary – 063: I finally got round to a first take on creating a micro version of my @Audulus Scale Bend…

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