Modular Diary – 053

While playing around creating drone-like textures with STS’s Turing Machine, I got to thinking of Pugix’s Audulus Quantussy drones that I came across in the forum a few weeks ago. He has a nice post on his website explaining it all along with some sound examples.

I was curious to take a look at the hardware Quantussy (What is the Quantussy?) that provided the inspiration for Richard’s version, and that led me to some of the most unusual modules I’ve yet come across. As described on the website:

Ciat-Lonbarde specializes in intuitive analog organs for your atonal/chaos squishing needs. The following instruments are assembled in Baltimore out of local wood, and machine assembled circuit-boards that are hazmat free.

The circuit boards are works of art in themselves. Here’s a Reddit Inquiry into the artsy-hipster side of Synthesis, and an thread with a number of videos of these instruments in action.

Hi, I’m <a rel="me" class="p-name u-url" href="">Rudiger Meyer</a>, a composer interested in the play between music, sound, and&nbsp;media.

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