Modular Diary – 052

Looking through a (physical) folder dating back to my student days many, many years ago, I came across a 40 page printout of tuning systems.1 Some of the scales are expressed as ratios, others in cents. It seems quite comprehensive: Ancient Greek scales, Indian modes, Werckmeister, Rameau, lute and bagpipe tunings - even Xenakis’s Byzantine Liturgical modes. Wendy Carlos is in there too.

Here’s a scan of the printout. I ran a quick OCR on it so it should be searchable to some degree.

  1. Unfortunately I can’t credit the person who put the list together – all I know is that I probably picked it up while taking some classes at the Akademie für Alte Musik while studying in Bremen in the late 90s. 

Modular Diary – 052: Looking through a (physical) folder from my student days… I came across a printout of tuning…

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