101 Words – 077

Playing around with offcuts from the Quartz revision of Dorsey’s “jargon-free” memo:

Performance Piece for CEOs:

Move forward with a restructuring of your workforce.
Put your company on a stronger path to grow.

Produce streamlined roadmap experiences which will have the greatest impact, a bold peek into how people will see what’s going on in the world.

Make significant structural changes to reflect your plan ahead.

Move faster with a smaller and nimbler team remaining the biggest percentage of your workforce. Streamline the rest of the organization in parallel.

Do this with the utmost respect for each and every person.

101 Words – 077: Performance piece for CEOs: Playing around with offcuts from the @qz revision of @jack's memo https://rudigermeyer.com/notes/2015-10-22-23-11-04

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