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Inter-Site Communication

Last year I traced the path covered in a decade of maintaining – my home on the web. At the end of that lengthy post I touched on a source of inspiration and pointer for the way ahead – the indieweb – and I’m pleased to say that I now have webmentions, one of the central indieweb tools, implemented on my site.

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10 Years

It’s been 10 years since first went online. I thought it might be interesting to trace the trajectory of that decade from a personal point of view.

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An Arts Festival every Morning

A few years ago Johannes Kreidler commented on the previously unimaginable luxury of having easy access to a wide range of experimental works on the web:

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Mediating Music

Music, Publishing, Art and Memory in the Age of the Internet

It is late 2013. I Care if you Listen, a New York based blog about “new classical music, art and technology” that also has a magazine on the Apple iOS Newsstand, reviews In Your Own Time – an “adaptive musical composition designed exclusively for performance on mobile devices. Audiences experience the piece through the app, which uses feedback from the listener’s surroundings to alter the playback of the music, making each ‘performance’ of the piece unique.”

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Web-art and the art of the web

Earlier this year I wrote a little article in which I considered how music might be presented via the internet, especially in an age in which the web can be accessed from a plethora of mobile devices.