3 min read

Bonnard Revisited

Earlier this year I took the opportunity to revisit the Bonnard exhibition at Glyptoteket shortly before it closed. I had briefly visited the exhibition before, but hoped to spend a little more time with his wonderful paintings and listen to the soundscapes created by Peter Albrechtsen and Sun Hee Engelstoft, once again.

9 min read

Long, Short, Public, Private

On Making Things Public

I’ve long been attracted to creative processes that are built around a repeated daily activity. Where the structure of the piece to some degree reflects the process of creating it.

5 min read

Sand Paintings and Forever After

I’ve been thinking about the last few contributions to the Danish Composers’ Society’s series on music and the internet and thought it was a good point to collect some of my thoughts on some of the issues that have been brought up:

7 min read

Web-art and the art of the web

Earlier this year I wrote a little article in which I considered how music might be presented via the internet, especially in an age in which the web can be accessed from a plethora of mobile devices.