Three years have passed since Lene Henningsen and I launched The idea of doing a podcast grew out of the frustrations around attempting to put together and finance theatrical performances of Lene’s Oscar & Alma, for which I was creating the music. We hit upon the idea of releasing it as a podcast with the realisation that the medium was far better suited to what we were trying to do than grappling with the constraints and expectations of a physical theatre production, exciting as they may be.

Given the difficulties of finding a place for ‘poetic theatre’ within todays commercial and cultural landscape, the medium of sound provided an alternative and led to the establishment of as a platform not only for Oskar & Alma but also for podcasts by others interested in exploring new combinations of sound, words, poetry, and music.

Since then 14 productions have been released, ranging from intense drama and rowdy collectives to delicate poetry and dystopian landscapes.

Over the coming days I’ll be making a little retrospective of those productions.

Catch them all on the Poetisk Podcast website:

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Hi, I’m <a rel="me" class="p-name u-url" href="">Rudiger Meyer</a>, a composer interested in the play between music, sound, and&nbsp;media.

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