Modular Diary – 089

In its current state there’s no easy way to implement wavetables in Audulus, but taking a look at Brian Funk’s tutorial/walkthrough/exploration of the Wavetable synth that will be included in Ableton Live 10, I was struck by how much has been achieved in Audulus recently on the waveshaping front – a lot of it thanks to the interest and efforts of Robert Syrett. Making wavetable waveforms without using wavetables, as he puts it.

A detail that intrigued me with the Ableton Wavetable setup was the order of the basic oscillator waves as sine–triangle–sawtooth–square, with the phase of the sawtooth shifted 90 degrees to match the edge of the square instead of the peak of the triangle, as one might expect. In the Audulus morphing oscillator included in the µCollection the sawtooth comes last and shares the same phase as the other waves.1

Something to take a closer look at and experiment with.

  1. In the Curvature micro the square is placed last. 

Modular Diary – 089: In its current state there’s no easy way to implement wavetables in @Audulus, but taking a…

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