Modular Diary – 60

The Rob Hordijk Benjolin Workshop video that I’ve referred to in recent posts also helps clarify the lineage of the Rungler and his Blippoo/Benjolin ‘patches in a box’. At the end of the video he explains how it was the Blippoo Box that was an attempt to most closely recreate the Revox–Putney (VSC3) cross-modulation setup:

…in the analog modular system there’s also a Rungler module that actually has five different modes and there’s different sort of things because you can make all sorts of variations on this shift register idea… this [the Benjolin] is basically the simplest that you can get, it is basically also just one delay, actually when I built the Blippoo Box before this one, the Blippoo Box has two shift registers because that was really sort of a copy of that Putney Revox idea, but for the Benjolin I thought well if I can do it with one chip and and the amount of op amps and transistors and the potmeters on the board and you should be able to build it in an afternoon, …let’s try to do the simplest and most interesting thing.

One thing that comes across in this and other of Rob Hordijk’s workshops is his enthusiasm for the elegance of a particular cicuit. How a simple setup can open up for a rich palette of results. The impetus for the form of his cicuits is often closely tied to their analogue implementions, and many of those forming factors may no longer binding when creating digital versions, beautiful as they may be.

Modular Diary – 60: The Rob Hordijk Benjolin Workshop video that I’ve referred to in recent posts also helps…

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