Modular Diary – 048

Today a look at STS’s Neo-Riemannian Chord Transform – another Audulus clone based on a section of the ornament & crime Eurorack module.1

As before I found it useful to take a look at the Voltage Control Lab video demonstrating these functions. I also found it interesting to take a look at the o_C user manual, something I hadn’t previously gotten round to, which STS has used as the point of departure for his Audulus modules.

Triadic harmony is not something I normally associate with modular patches – it’s unusual to find polyphonic set-ups simply given the number of modules required to create multiple voices. Two examples that come to mind though are Mylar Melodies achieving polyphony with the help of the Expert Sleepers ES8 module and Silent Way software, and Richard Devine’s beautiful Harmonic Symmetry patch, using the Make Noise tELHARMONIC.

“…a new approach to handling music theory in the modular context,” as Make Noise explain on their site.

  1. See also the accompanying Chord Inverter and Arpeggiator

Modular Diary – 048: Today a look at STS’s Neo-Riemannian Chord Transform – another @Audulus clone based on a…

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