Modular Diary – 046

Now that I have the basics of my Scale Bender in place it’s been time to take a closer look at some of the other modules posted in the Audulus forum. STS has done some fine work on a Turing Machine, Copier Maschine, and Variable Note Quantizer. As is often the case I found it useful to take a step back and look at some YouTube videos of the Eurorack module that STS’s Copier and Quantizer modules are based on.

The ornament & crime module is quite extensive in its set of features and STS has chosen to break down some of its functionality into smaller modules. I tend to think of modular synthesis as an approach miles away from scrolling though banks of inscrutable presets – as an approach based on understanding a basic set of principles and building from there (in the moment), but it seems as if the different worlds are slowly merging.1 STS’s Copier Maschine module is based on the Copier Maschine mode of the o_C module, as explained in this video which also covers masking notes with the o_C scale quantizer.

Having watched that, I went back to STS’s demo patch and had a lot of fun playing around with it, making some additions and adjustments of my own. Once the copier shifts get going one can listen to the ever-changing texture (essentially a close 4-part canon) for hours, but I always enjoy the first static moments as it gets started.

  1. There are now even touchscreen Eurorack modules

Modular Diary – 046: Now that I have the basics of my Scale Bender in place it’s been time to take a closer look…

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